Madison Allen

Columbus, OH
Current Location:
Ft. Collins, CO
Favorite Topics To Coach On:
Building a Team, Marketing Strategies, Operations
(Last Updated On: October 26, 2020)

Personal Information

Madison has been an athlete all her life and found her love for fitness in college. She began working in campus rec as a class instructor and gradually worked her way into a position overseeing other trainers and staff members. More committed than ever, she obtained her Master’s degree and began working in behavior change research to better understand why some people stick with nutrition and exercise and others don’t. Upon relocating to Indianapolis, Madison managed two large fitness centers with over 30 employees and started her own online wellness coaching business. She realized that many of the clients seeking her out were fitness professionals and quickly developed an affinity for this demographic, which was the driving force to joining the FR team in 2019.

Madison earned an M.S. in Exercise Science from George Washington University where she focused her studies on the psychology of exercise and eating motivation. As an adjunct professor and research associate for her Alma Mater, she worked under the renowned Dr. Amanda Visek, and published her own study on fitness trackers’ influence on users’ motivation to be physically active. Madison is also the owner of “Finding Full,” an online wellness coaching company that works specifically with clients struggling with disordered eating and chronic dieting. Inside Finding Full, Madison has personally worked with over 80 long-term clients and has had a waiting list of new customers since August of 2018.

Forever a traveler, Madison has visited 3 continents and more than 14 countries.. In the short time that she’s at home, she revels in being the best dog-mom that she can be to her 2 miniature schnauzers, Bran and Dill.

What makes FR Success Coaches different?

Our Success Coaches completed over 1500 coaching sessions in 2018 and each individual coach averages almost 110 coaching session per quarter. Additionally, our coaches spend up to 4 full days each quarter in Live Coaching Meetings and receive over 75 hours each year in professional development and in-service training.

Clearly, we take our coaching development seriously and our coaches are uniquely equipped to handle the issues fitness business owners experience on a daily basis.