Michael Allen

San Jose, CA 
Current Location:
Georgetown, TX
Favorite Topics To Coach On:
Marketing, advertising, sales, staff development

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Personal Information

Mike started his fitness journey in high school to supplement his participation on the wrestling team. He spent so much time in the gym that it only made sense for him to get a job at a local gym as a front desk assistant upon graduation. Due to Mike’s experience and passion, he was promoted rather quickly and became the fitness services manager where he got first-hand experience in how to run and grow a fitness business. Eventually leaving corporate fitness, Mike started his own successful online training business and took a marketing position for a nation-wide food delivery company. He proved to be such a valuable asset that his friends started asking him for help with own businesses. Mike enjoyed the process so much that he joined FR full-time to do the same for others around the country.

Mike has taken multiple marketing and advertising courses and holds 2 Google Adwords certifications. During his tenure in the marketing department at Personal Trainer Food, he played a pivotal role in growing the company from 9 million to 14 million in annual revenue in just one year. As a pioneer in online training, Mike acquired 60 clients in a 3 month span and successfully coached them before software to do so even existed.

Mike has a passion for music and has been playing the guitar for 16 years. He is also an avid reader that often consumes 2-3 books a week and on the weekends you can find him making his own beef jerky or walking his dog, Lincoln.

What makes FR Success Coaches different?

Our Success Coaches completed over 1500 coaching sessions in 2018 and each individual coach averages almost 110 coaching session per quarter. Additionally, our coaches spend up to 4 full days each quarter in Live Coaching Meetings and receive over 75 hours each year in professional development and in-service training.

Clearly, we take our coaching development seriously and our coaches are uniquely equipped to handle the issues fitness business owners experience on a daily basis.