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A Simple Fitness Sales Funnel

Getting your content in front of leads is easier than ever. But when you do, what do you need to consider? This article outlines the 5 steps to create a fitness sales funnel.

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2021)

The Fitness Sales Funnel

Creating a fitness sales funnel that converts doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  In fact, you can build it relatively quickly if you understand the psychology of sales and know where to find your ideal client.

It’s easier than ever to get your message in front of new leads. You can reach people via social media, email, your blog, written marketing materials, webinars and several other sources. Plus, with the prevalence of smart phones, people are consuming more information than ever. 

So when you do get your content in front of people, what happens next? What should you be talking about? What is the best way to continue to capture their attention and gain their trust?  

That’s where a Fitness Sales Funnel comes into play.


Why You Need a Fitness Sales Funnel

A common mistake that inexperienced marketers make is that they jump immediately to selling before they have built trust with their prospects. That’s like asking someone to marry you on a first date. 😉 Most people would agree, that’s not a great idea. 

Similarly, not ALL of your leads are going to be ready to buy right away. Sure, you may have some “buyer” personalities that convert quickly, but you don’t want to completely lose the folks that may need a little additional nurturing.

Not all of your leads are going to be ready to buy right away.

If you can spend a bit of time building value, showing them you understand their struggles, and give them a chance to start working with you for a small commitment— you’ll convert more leads overall. 

Your fitness sales funnel should nurture leads and provide an opportunity to connect with them throughout their experience. Any fit pro can (and should) setup a fitness sales funnel!  Here’s how you do it…

Create Content

You’ve probably heard the term “awareness” when it comes to marketing. It’s critical to helping people understand what you think/know they need to understand. There are 3 stages of awareness in marketing:

  • Problem Education: This is where you help prospects understand the problem they are trying to overcome
  • Solution Research: This is where the prospect is trying to find a solution for the problem you have made them aware of
  • Solution Selection: This is where prospects are ready to choose a program to help them with their problem

You need to be creating content that all of your new leads see that handle the problem education and solution research phase of awareness.home-office-336377_640

The easiest way to do this is to create a list of the top 3-5 questions or frustrations that your ideal client faces before finding you as a solution. Once you have these identified you can create content to help them answer their questions or overcome their frustrations.

Content can be videos, blog posts or articles that you post to your website.

One of my favorite ways to leverage my content is to use mediums that can be duplicated. For example I can film a video, get it transcribed and also use the audio to get my message out to clients.  

But, you don’t have to use video if that’s not a strength.

Once you have a lead in your funnel the first thing you should send them is this content.  It helps them see that you understand them and their struggles.  It will help to build rapport with them as well.  

Leverage Case Studies

Testimonials and case studies are powerful marketing tools because they allow your clients to tell your story (because it is wrapped up in their story!).

If you need help with creating testimonials that will allow you to use your clients stories to sell more training— check out our Killer Fitness Testimonials article.

After you have helped your leads out by giving them some content to solve a problem, it’s time to show them that your solution will work for them. There’s no better way than by letting some of your most successful clients tell their story. Some people use the term “third party endorsements” which is a great way to think about it. Testimonials are really people outside of your company that are “endorsing” your services.

Line up 2-3 great testimonials or case study videos to send to your leads in the few days following the previous content.

Offer your FEO

A Front End Offer (FEO) provides your prospective new clients with an opportunity to experience what you have to offer without a lot of risk.

Don’t mistake low risk with cheap!  Your FEO doesn’t have to be a massive discount. It can involve other factors like time commitment. 

Here are a few keys to creating a great FEO:

  • It should be something they can use to see some results quickly. (What is the low hanging fruit you can grab?)
  • It needs to have a low barrier to entry (Easy to start, and not a big commitment)
  • It should be specific to the problem they want to solve
  • It needs to be an incomplete solution (Don’t give away the farm!)

Here are a few sample FEO ideas:

  • 7-Day Fat Loss Fix
  • Drop 2 Inches In 10 Days* 
  • 14 Day Fitness Jumpstart
  • 7 Day Strength Builder

*Note: You have to be extremely careful using headlines with specific promises for Facebook paid advertising. You’ll want to read Facebook advertising policies closely before creating headlines.

The key is making your FEO specific to your ideal client and promising a result that you can actually deliver. Don’t put so much hype in your FEO that you can never deliver on it!

After you’ve given some great content and case studies to your leads it’s time to provide them an opportunity to get the results they want through your FEO.  

Use a 3-5 day email sequence to promote your FEO, and encourage them to sign up.

Enhance the Experience

Now that your lead has decided they will be joining your FEO, it’s time to win them over for good by providing an incredible experience .


During their FEO you will want to build value in your brand and show them why it makes sense to continue working with you.  

Here’s a quick look at an example on-boarding process that creates value:

  • Day 1- Provide them a quick start guide to make getting results easy
  • Day 2- Personal phone call check in
  • Day 3- Send them a resource from your blog or content you can use to help them get more from their training program
  • Day 5- Personal text or call check in from coach
  • Day 7- Send them content to tell them what’s next & schedule personal meeting
  • Day 10 – Complete progress check meeting to discuss results

There are dozens of ways you can create an amazing experience for your clients.  If you need some tips for planning your client experience, you can download our Client Experience Cheat Sheet.

Close The Deal

It’s time to make it official!  After experiencing your FEO hand-819279_640and seeing all the value that you can provide for them your leads should be ready to sign on as a client.  

During your progress check meeting, you need to give them an opportunity to join your membership program.  

Highlight the benefits of being a member, how your community will benefit them, and the results that you can provide.  

If you did a great job in the previous 4 steps this should be an easy decision for them. You did all the hard work on the front end!

When you’re trying to close you don’t have to use high pressure sales tactics. Act as the assistant buyer and help them find the solution that will be most likely to get them the results they want.  

Here are 4 steps you can take to close any deal:

  1. Explain the benefits and features of your membership
  2. Add on a special bonus to increase the value (nutrition coaching, tools to help them with their workouts, etc)
  3. Add some urgency to the deal
  4. Reverse the risk (add a guarantee)

If you follow those 4 steps when making the offer it makes selling easier.

Simple Fitness Sales Funnel Summary

Here’s a quick look at how this should lay out in your sales funnel:

  1. Lead opts in or expresses interest in what you offer
  2. Deliver 3-5 days worth of content to answer their most pressing questions
  3. Deliver 2-3 days of case studies to prove your solution works
  4. Offer your FEO over 3-5 days
  5. Create a great experience for the lead while in your FEO
  6. Present the offer to join your program at the end of their FEO


It is important to know that using a repeatable, reliable process to sell your services is the only way to predictably grow your business. Not only will it improve your conversion rates but it will allow you to train other members of your team to sell for you, giving you the freedom you need to focus on growing your business.

You can learn more by downloading our complimentary guide:


5 Steps to Turn ‘Hit-and-Miss Appointments’ Into ‘Closing Conversations’

This guide will take you through the steps to becoming more familiar with your prospect in their current-state, and being comfortable having conversations with them that result in more closed sales. 


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