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The 5-Step Referral System For Your Gym or Studio

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2021)

Referral marketing produces highly qualified and pre-sold leads.  

Every gym or studio should have a Referral system that is always ‘on’ and will consistently generate revenue. 

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon that we see them passively waiting for referrals instead of deploying an intentional and clear marketing plan to produce referrals consistently. 

That’s a problem easily solved. 

You need to turn that passive plan into an active system.


Step 1: Cost Per Acquisition

In order to create a powerful Referral System, you have to start with what you already know. We suggest using Cost Per Acquisition as your starting point to determine what you can or should be able to spend to acquire a new referral lead.


Step 2: Nail the Incentives

There are several angles you can take when you’re determining how you’re going to incentivize for referrals. You want incentives that will appeal to and motivate your clients to refer people to you.  Once again it is imperative to know your ideal client and target market well.



Step 3: Outline Your Opportunities

You need to have a clear understanding of all of the potential opportunities and the frequency those opportunities occur for referrals in your business.  This is key to turning your plan into a system.



Step 4: Entice with Ease

Having a plan for how you’ll ask for referrals will remove the need for you to think about how to do it on the spot. Not having a plan will result in really weak asks, and will also hinder your staff’s ability to confidently ask for referrals. Step 4 is all about your assets and messaging to make asking for referrals as simple as possible.



Step 5: Systemize for Success

Step 5 brings the entire plan together so that you can make this a repeatable and ongoing revenue generating system in your business.



Now then, how about this: Let me help you get your next client at little or no cost.

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Justin Hanover
Success Coach, Fitness Revolution







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