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FROM: Justin Hanover, Success Coach, Fitness Revolution

DATE: August 13, 2022

Dear High-Achieving (or aspiring to be) Gym Owner,

As you probably know, there’s a big problem in our industry.

Independent gym owners aren’t making the money they deserve for the work that they do and the impact that they have on their clients and staff.

But, it’s not your fault.

Most of the info available for you is a lot of hype, leaving you constantly wondering why it seems to be working for everyone else, but it’s not providing you the same results.

Here’s the truth—you don’t have to struggle to get new clients, to make more money or constantly be frustrated with your business.

Burnout and lack of money are too common, and if you’ve been in the gym business for very long you’ve likely experienced both of these things. You may even be experiencing them right now.

It’s time you took back control of your business and made the money you deserved.

My name is Justin Hanover, and just like you I’ve been a frustrated fitness pro trying desperately to grow my business.

I learned a lot of lessons along the way, Over 9 years I built my business up to over 400 clients, I built a team and systems that allowed me to make good money, have free time to spend with my family, and eliminate the frustrations in my business.

But I did a lot of it the hard way for a long time. Trying to figure it out on my own, or paying gurus for their overhyped promises that left me no better of than I was before.

It shouldn’t have taken me 9 years and I-don’t-want-to-know-how-many-tens-of-thousands-of-dollars to get it dialed in.

I just didn’t know what I didn’t know. Or where I should actually be looking to find out.

Eventually, and fortunately, I eventually found Fitness Revolution. And I knew right away they were the answer I’d been looking for.

Over 16 years and helping tens of thousands of gym owners, they’ve developed an effective, strategic approach to building high-performing fitness businesses.

That’s the kind of thing I want to be a part of. That’s why I joined their Team.

After coaching hundreds of gym owners on how to grow their business and create a high-performing business we wanted to be able to help more people that may not be ready for coaching or that needed to see that what we do works before making a $6,000/year investment in coaching.

With a few adjustments to your marketing strategy, sales process and systems you can see massive success. The magic is in creating a simple but incredibly effective framework that allows you to eliminate the things holding you back and puts your unique abilities and strengths to use for you.

In just 60 days you’ll be able to DOUBLE your lead generation, increase your sales, and maximize your profit. It’s not unheard of for our clients to add $2,500+ in monthly sales during their first month.

What would an extra $2,500 a month do for you?

What if you could add $2,500 month after month and allow it to grow like compounding interest in your business?

By learning how to run your business like a pro you’ll be able to do just that! You’ll have more clarity and focus in your business, and you’ll also be working less hours (and making more money while you do it!).

What’s Your Goal? More Control Over Your Business? A Six-Figure Business? Less Stress?

Recently we’ve taken all the methods, strategies and systems we teach to our coaching clients and packaged them up to help any fitness professional. But I should clarify that it is for any fit pro who is serious about taking their business to the next level and creating a thriving business for themselves.

The biggest challenge we faced in this journey was being able to deliver this info to you in a way that not only ensured you had access to it, but so that we could GUARANTEE you learn it and put it to use.

Sure, there’s a lot of great info out there, but it takes up too much of your time and energy to find it, vet it for accuracy, and then put it to use.

And then it’s usually an incomplete solution to your problems.

See, we learned in our research that it is going to take a special approach to learning for you to truly master running and growing your business.

So we got to work and started creating a step-by-step, actionable plan to help you build the business you want, as quickly as possible. It took all the best resources, coaching tips and expert advice that were previously only available to our exclusive coaching clients.

This training will help you take your business skills to the same level as your expert training skills. I’m sure you’re already a great coach and trainer. You help clients get amazing results.

I suspect that you want your business acumen to be on par with your training acumen. Am I right?

It’s FINALLY time that you built the business you’ve always wanted by leveling up your skills in marketing, sales and leadership.

Level Up Your Business Ownership Game

A high-performing business can provide you with the income and freedom you want, and you can grow it at a rate that you want.

It’s not all about the biggest facility or the most revenue.

It’s about YOU running your business instead of YOUR BUSINESS running you.

But that doesn’t happen by accident.

Just like you didn’t accidentally become a great trainer. You had to develop yourself. Learn new competencies and skills, implement them, then continue learning more.

That’s why we're going to start by teaching you how to master your marketing to attract more leads, predictably grow your business and measure your success.

Then you’ll discover the best kept secret in the fitness industry…

A system and framework for optimizing your business performance and your performance as a leader in your business.

A system that will help you get control of your business and then build it up into a cash-producing, client-attracting machine.

Fitness Revolution Presents... The Academy

The Academy is a monthly, ongoing program that will support you as you grow your business. If you operate your own business you will ABSOLUTELY benefit from joining The Academy.

The Academy is perfect for you if you’re a:

  • Any gym owner, facility owner, or independent contractor who is responsible for your own marketing and control your income

Who is dealing with any one (or more) of these situations:

  • Trying to stand out from the competition and needs to grow their business
  • Needs to get control of their lead flow (knows how to move the needle)
  • Building a team and trying to scale their business quickly
  • Can’t gain momentum while trying to scale their business
  • Just starting to build their business

How would your business be different if, rather than you trying to figure everything out on your own, you had access to proven lead generation systems, client attraction methods, client conversion systems, profit maximization strategies, and business management tools that have only been shared with our top-level coaching clients?

All that without paying the $(insert the absurd amount you’ve most recently seen some guru-wizard say they’d charge) that any number of gurus would be happy to take from you. In fact, if you join now, during this special launch, you’ll pay just $1.30/day to get access to some of our best resources, courses and business building ideas.

Depending on your hourly rate, that averages to about ONE MINUTE of training with your clients to cover the cost of a resource that can help you significantly grow your business.

So if you could allocate one minute’s revenue to growing your business, why wouldn’t you?

Here’s what you’re going to get when you join The Academy...

The Mastery Curriculum

Get instant access to our Mastery Curriculum when you join The Academy today. Our curriculum is derived from our proprietary methodology, subject matter training, and the experience gained from coaching gym owners since 2005. The content is organized based on principles of instructional design. (We don’t just throw together info products and call it curriculum.)

Available Now

Monthly “In-the-Trenches” Trainings

This is where we’ll keep you up to date on what’s working right now for other people just like you. Each month you’ll be getting access to a brand new module covering a new method that will help you grow your business. We’ll cover topics on all aspects of lead generation, sales, leadership, maximizing your profit, mastering your time, and more.

When we learn what one of our top-level clients is doing to have success in their business we’re going to pull back the curtains and share it with you.

Here’s a quick list of what you have available right now:

  • The Art of Communication in Sales
  • Why Charity Events Fail, and How to Fix Them
  • Using Your Contacts and Class to Infiltrate the Sports Coaches Network
  • Client Events: An Action Plan to Create An Amazing Culture Within Your Business
  • Step By Step: How to Build a Squeeze Page
  • Facebook Isn’t Broken, Your Funnel Is
  • Treat A Joint Venture Like A Partnership for Long-Term Success
  • Rock Star Accountability Program: One Method for Creating a Culture and Improving Retention
  • Email Management System To Never Lose Another Important Email
  • The Secret Ingredient in Well Managed Businesses: The Weekly Meetings
  • Organizational Charts: How to Scale Your Business Even If You’re A One Person Show
  • Creating Breakthroughs & Maximizing Performance with Peer Groups
  • How to Avoid Burnout in Your Fitness Business
  • Overcoming Shiny Object Syndrome in Your Business
  • The Need to Have Great Coaching and to Give Great Coaching
  • Building a Stronger Team by Leading with Clarity
  • How to Use Facebook’s Lead Generation Ads to Bypass Landing Pages
  • Ultimate Challenge Workouts
  • The Surefire Sales System
  • Your Closing the Easy One’s and Don’t See All The Prospects You're Missing
  • 5 Minute Sales Funnel
  • The Reciprocity Referral Program
  • Transformation Contest: Soup to Nuts!
  • Avoid the Reactive Marketing Blunder: Use the VP Referral Pass
  • Marketing Calendars: The Home Run Everyone Should Be Hitting
  • The Reactivation Revolution
  • A Simple System to Manage Files and Folders
  • 3-Point Client Care Follow Up System
  • The Path to Building and Managing Your Leadership, Culture and Staff
  • Format Your Job Descriptions for Alignment and Great Performance Reviews
  • Creating a Culture of Loyalty and Retention
  • Extracting Your Core Values
  • Delegation: The 4 Step Handoff™
  • How to Manage Your Time and Priorities
  • Solid Client Agreements = Happy Clients and a Happy Business Owner
  • Right Accountant = Money in Your Bank, Wrong Accountant = You’re Toast
  • Death by Retention: Can a 1.4% Drop Kill Your Business?

The Community

Being able to learn from your peers, ask questions and get accountability will prove valuable as you use the information in The Academy to grow your business.

Learn from your peers’ experience or get advice as you take on new challenges or opportunities.

The community can give you feedback and advice on your website, marketing promotions, recommendations for vendors, sales copy, pricing, hiring and time management questions.

Here’s how The Academy Community will help you:

  • Post your weekly progress as your grow your business to hold yourself accountable and get advice from our team of coaches and your peers.
  • Ask questions about the courses or modules to ensure you’re able to make the most out of your resources.
  • Network and learn from your peers in The Academy to see what’s working now and get advice on how to grow your business from those that have been there before.
  • Get reviews on your FB Ads, landing page copy and other marketing materials to ensure they are going to get you more clients.
  • Get access to myself and our Success Coaches to help you overcome your biggest business challenges and accelerate your growth

Let Me Walk You Step-by-Step Through Building a Multiple Six Figure Business

If you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own and want to fast track your path to the business you WANT TO HAVE, test us. It’s a dollar. $1 for 14 days and you’ll either see what I’m telling you and you’ll have no question that you want to continue, or you won’t. Either way, you’ll KNOW. That little bit of certainty is going to cost you ONE DOLLAR.

We’ll take you through our mastery courses, provide you with monthly modules on our strategies and methods for business growth, and keep you moving forward on our Q&A calls and discussion groups.

AND - I’m going to onboard you. I’ll be available for a call to make sure you’re off on the right foot and have everything you need in our online Campus. And I’ll help you solve any other issues you might be having at the moment, too. (I’m a Coach, that’s what I do :))

After helping hundreds of fitness pros build their businesses we know exactly what it’s going to take for you to achieve your goals and have the same success they’ve had.

You’ll get instant access to the resources and information that’s responsible for millions of dollars of growth.

WAIT! It’s Not For Everyone...

We only want to work with people who are serious about their development as a business owner. You need to commit to TAKE ACTION on the tips and ideas you learn in The Academy.

If you hope that ONLY joining this program will get you amazing results then it isn’t the program for you.

However, implementing the strategies, methods and systems that we give you will GUARANTEE your success.

Still Not Sure? Check out what your peers have to say about our programs and decide if it’s a good fit for YOU…

"I cannot explain how much Fitness Revolution (and everything they provide) has dramatically helped me as a fitness business owner."

Marshall Ray, Faster Fitness

"I am constantly learning something every day. You will find the answers [to grow your fitness business] if you keep talking to enough people."

Ryan Morgan, Pursuit Fitness & Performance

William Savoy,

With the help of Fitness Revolution I went from making $2,000/mo in my business to over $15,000/mo. They gave me a set plan and the resources to make that happen.

William Savoy, Savoy Fitness
Mitch Rothbardt,

Since joining FR, my business has gone up yet again; this time by about 30%. What FR does is help with the little things that before I had been doing through inefficient trial and error.

Mitch Rothbardt, Mitch Rothbardt Fitness
Jon Rimmer,

I’ve been up 4 months in a row both in regards to gross revenue and memberships…Being able to get a strategy for my facility is priceless.

Jon Rimmer, The Training Rim
Craig Shinkarik,

I think that any and every fitness business owner would benefit from being a part of the group. Our clients need us as coaches to help achieve their goals faster and more efficiently, and we as business owners need coaches as well!

Craig Shinkarik, Forever Fit SCV
Pearla Phillips,

With the help of Fitness Revolution, I was able to triple my client base from 34 to 125 clients!

Pearla Phillips, Fit Body Transformations
Scott Skinner,

Fitness Revolution gave me one idea that helped me add $60,000 to my business in just over 6 weeks. I’ve also grown by 19% and am on my way to opening my second facility.

Scott Skinner, SkinSport Fitness
Mike Robertson,

As a coach or trainer, you’re in the industry because you’re passionate about helping people. But let me tell you this – being passionate won’t keep you busy, let alone in business.

Working with Nick and Ryan will help take your business to the next level. Rather than trying to learn it all by yourself, you can lean on trusted experts to help you grow and evolve.

Quite simply, if you want to find two guys who are serious about helping you grow your business, talk to Ryan and Nick. You won’t be sorry.

Mike Robertson, Robertson Training Systems, Indianapolis Fitness & Sport Training

What Happens Once I Enroll?

Step 1: You’ll be sent to a Thank You page with instructions to book your call with me. As soon as you’re scheduled, you’ll get a welcome email from us with instructions on how to access The Academy.

Step 2: Feel free to browse around and even start one of your Mastery Courses.

Step 3: Don’t worry! We won’t just leave your success to chance. We’re going to guide you through this journey with additional webinars, Q&A’s and implementation activities to ensure you put these resources to work for you.

I’ll be checking in with you, and we’ll send you frequent emails to guide you through the program and access the resources most useful to you as you need them.

You can certainly go through the program at your own pace, but we’ll be there to help guide you at the pace we know works best for most gym owners.

In fact, there’s over 40 modules and resources that you can use to get more clients and optimize your business immediately and that doesn’t include all the worksheets, tools and resources you get in your mastery courses.

Don’t Leave Your Success to Chance

You can try to figure this out on your own.

You can look for other solutions to grow your business.

But, if you’d rather get on the fast track and rapidly grow your business with the best strategies for business growth available, I’d like to invite you to join The Academy.

We’re ready for you to have massive success. The plan is laid out, and it’s been tested in the trenches with hundreds of fitness businesses just like yours. Now you have to decide if you’re ready to have the same success.

If you’re a growth minded, fitness business owner (or aspire to be one), who is willing to dig in and learn, get to work and put these strategies into simply can’t fail.

You’re the key to your business getting where you want it to be, or staying where it’s at.

Imagine having a business that:

  • Allowed you to use your passion for helping people and make a HUGE impact in your community and beyond
  • Was low-stress, so that you could really enjoy your business
  • Produces profits that will let you live the lifestyle you want to live and provided you with financial security
  • Allowed you to take 2 weeks (maybe more?) of vacation without having to worry about not making money or things going wrong
  • Ran like clockwork so you could spend more time doing what you love and less time "putting out fires"

It’s possible when you have the right tools and resources available to you.

You obviously see the value in investing in yourself. Starting at just $39 per month, that’s only $1.30 per day, you can have access to everything you need to grow your business. And you can see for yourself for $1 for the first 14 days.

Claim Your $1 Trial Today
    Start for Just $1 Today
    The Academy (Relaunch)

    100% Risk Free Guarantee

    Don’t worry, should you decide to continue after your trial, we’ve still got a money back guarantee. You have a full 60 days to put The Academy to work for you and see the results. If for any reason in that first 60 days you’re not completely satisfied, simply let us know and we’ll provide you with a complete, 100% refund.

    Fair enough?

    And you can cancel at anytime, there’s no contract, or long-term commitment. If you’re not getting what you want from The Academy you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

    The Academy (Relaunch)

    Your Journey to Building a Six Figure Business Starts Today

    Look, in a few months you can either be well on your way to enjoying more success in your business or you can continue to be frustrated and stressed out trying to figure out the solution.

    We’ve got the roadmap and blueprint for your success in The Academy, but it’s up to you to put it to work for you. I’ll give you the plan. You just have to follow it. That starts by joining today.

    Six months from now...will you be celebrating your growth as a business and business owner? Will you be excited about what the future holds for you and your business?

    Or will you continue to feel the way you felt before you arrived here...............still losing sleep over the same issues as before?

    You and I both know you deserve more than that.

    Let’s see what we can do together.

    Claim Your $1 Trial Today
      Start for Just $1 Today
      The Academy (Relaunch)

      Make today your best,

      Justin Hanover
      Justin Hanover
      Success Coach
      Fitness Revolution

      P.S. The Academy isn’t for everyone. If you’re hoping that simply paying to join will produce massive results in your business YOU’RE WRONG.

      This program is only for those growth minded, aspiring business owners who are willing to learn and grow, who will put the guidance, the systems, tools and resources that we’ve used with thousands of other gym owners to work for them.

      If you’re willing to put in the work and follow the plan, you can do this. Your business can be the one that you’ve always wanted. We’ve just got to get a few things tuned up.

      Sound like you? Then join The Academy today because this program will produce. There’s no reason for you to wait around to find out.