Joe Rouse, Breakaway Fitness & Performance:


"Clarity. I need to know where I'm going and what I need to do to get there, but I have a tendency to get shiny object syndrome.

The assessment and the report helped me to know where I was at and where I'm headed, and to stay focused on that. 

I read it and I said to myself “Shit. This is literally what's going on with me right now.” It’s just crazy accurate both in describing where I’m at and helping me see what comes next.  I still use it to help me assess and set my next goals

That clarity took away my anxiety and had a calming effect for me, which was great.”

Jonathan Price, Nourished Performance:

"Before starting with FR, I was a burned out, frustrated fitness business owner. Our brick and mortar location had been open for 5 months and felt like I was still just an independent trainer, but with quadruple the overhead.

Fast forward about 3 years and we've over doubled our space, are doing 5x the revenue each month from when I started, have 4 other trainers on staff and just had my best year ever."

Why Do You Need It?

This is the compass you need in your strategic wilderness. It allows you to:

  • Identify Opportunities: Spot untapped areas of potential growth in your business.
  • Anticipate Challenges: Stay one step ahead of issues before they become roadblocks.
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Know exactly where to devote your time and resources for maximum impact.
  • Plan with Precision: Make informed, strategic decisions about the future of your fitness business.

Here's What You Get:

A Comprehensive Analysis

Based on our Essential 8 areas that define the fitness business success.

An Individualized Report

Tailored specifically to your fitness business, including growth recommendations and resources.

A Clear Action Plan

To help you prioritize your next steps and start making immediate improvements.

(And it’s free. I refuse to write that standard bullshit ‘best of all, it’s free’ copy, because the ‘best of all’ is in the bullet points above - I assure you. But yes, it’s also free and that’s pretty great too. You’ll see below.

We believe in the power of our assessment and the value you receive. We want you to experience its benefits without any barriers.)

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What’s That? You’re In? Awesome - I Thought You Might Be!

You can take our Rapid Assessment right now, be finished in 60 seconds and get all of the benefits covered above.  

However, if you’re the type who likes precision and you don’t mind spending 3 to 4 minutes, we’re game to give you our $49 Comprehensive Assessment instead - for FREE.

  • Previously priced at $49, but right now you can take it at no cost.
  • A more thorough assessment of your business's current performance, diving deeper into the Essential 8, and expanding into additional key aspects of the business.
  • And here's another exciting LIMITED BONUS: Meet our Chief AI Business Coach, FR-GPT. As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our coaching capabilities, we've added another player to the Team, from the world of AI. FR-GPT is currently undergoing an intensive 'business coaching residency' to refine its expertise even further. When you choose to take the Comprehensive Assessment, you'll also receive additional follow-up insights from FR-GPT tailored to your results. Please note that this exclusive program will only be available for a limited time. And if you have been living on Earth for the last 6 months you are aware of the disclaimers that go along with AI responses.  Honestly, it’s pretty impressive.  But it’s still AI - you still have to use your head.

This is the flagship assessment that leaves no stone unturned.

When you take the Comprehensive Assessment, you're selecting the path of deep insight and strategic clarity. That reflects your readiness to do just that little bit extra to give yourself the advantage and increase your likelihood of success. 

Again - all benefits are the same for each of the two Assessments.  The comprehensive is simply more in depth, which helps us make a more accurate assessment.

Are You Ready to See Inside the Matrix?

Well, that might be overstating it a little - BUT, it is a question of “do you want to know what you don’t know?” (If not, then, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid you’re going to run into problems the assessment can’t help with.)

But if you do.... Then you are a business owner who doesn’t shy away from challenges.

And. I. Like. Your. Style.

You're the kind of leader who faces them head-on, who values learning, growth, and who thrives on evidence-based strategy.

If you're ready to preempt problems before they bite, to be able to anticipate and capitalize, the Fitness Business Needs Assessment has to be in your toolkit.

So go ahead, choose your path and let's get started on your journey to fitness business success.

Credit applied in cart. No CC needed.

No CC needed.

You can invest the next 3 - 5 minutes into being a business owner who makes decisions by being informed, not by guessing and hoping. Let's get started now.

Nick Berry
Founder & CEO
Fitness Revolution

The Fitness Business Needs Assessment