The Fitness Pros Referral Checklist

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(Last Updated On: September 20, 2019)

Referrals are the best type of leads. Yet, so many fitness professionals and business owners sit back and wait for them to come instead of proactively getting them.

Here’s a simple checklist that will help you get more referrals:

  • Create a list of your top clients that would be willing refer
    • Focus your referral requests and energy on these clients
  • Educate your referrers
    • Tell them exactly who you are looking for as a client
    • Explain your referral process
    • Educate them on your rewards
  • Make it easy to refer
    • Provide content they can share
    • Send cut and paste emails or social media posts
    • Provide referral gift cards
    • Ask for invites to their events or connections to their network
  • Keep them in the loop
    • Follow up with your clients to let them know you’ve contacted the referral
    • Thank them publicly when the referral comes in
    • Get them involved in the process
  • Identify and trainer your team on key moments to ask for referrals
    • When a client hits a goal or milestone
    • When a client is happy with their progress and let’s you know about it
    • When you have a new offer or promotion
    • During your scheduled check ins

Here’s the most important thing you can do…


You can’t control how many of your clients will refer their friends and family but you can control how many times you will ask each day or week. If you are providing a great service for your clients they will be happy to refer, sometimes they just need a little nudge.

Here’s a quick bonus tip…

If you want more referrals be willing to give more referrals. Always be on the lookout for people that you can refer to your joint ventures or to your client’s business.

Want to ramp up your lead gen, including referral marketing?

The Fitness Pros Referral Checklist