A Time Management Tool For Fitness Business Owners

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2019)

Eliminate Your “To-Do” List and Get More Stuff That Matters Done

As a business owner the amount of “stuff” that ends up on your plate is overwhelming.  This is especially true if you’re having some success, growing your business and have yet to really build up a solid team.

You end up in this success trap.  And then…overwhelm, anxiety, stress, burnout start to set in.

It sucks!  I’ve been there and sometimes still find myself there.  You’re not alone, many of our coaching clients and even our team here at FR battle with time management.  

The good news?  There’s a solution for you and today you’ll get an inside look at a time management tool designed for fitness business owners (any business owner really) who’s dead set on exceeding their goals and becoming a High Performing Business Owner.

The Busy Fitness Business Owner’s Time Management Tool

Our team at Fitness Revolution quickly realized that managing time, planning your day and not getting sucked into the trap of “checking stuff off the list” was critical to the success of a fitness business owner.

You could easily try to knock of 15-20 items from your to-do list each day, but never really get anything done in your business.

When time is tight (and it almost always is) you have to stay focused at the top of the list.  Here’s a poster we have at FR Headquarters that reminds us to focus on what matters…

FR PRocess

It currently sits right between my office and Nick’s…Kelly must have known we needed it most!

Your role as the business owner is to grow the business and then manage that growth so that you remain profitable and continue to move toward your vision for what it will become.

That’s not possible if you’re wasting your precious time on tedious mundane tasks that really don’t matter in the long run.  You may feel good for checking off a lot of tasks but your business won’t be operating at it’s best.

Watching several fitness business owners struggle with this and fail at using other day planners, led us to create a resource that fit our methodology and system for coaching business owners.

It’s called the Priority Tracker.

The Anatomy of a High Performance Day Planner

You can go online and search for day planners, time management systems and all that stuff, but you’ll rarely find one that works.  

Since you’re reading this I’ll assume you’re at least putting part of what we teach into practice for your business.  This Priority Tracker was designed for you…

It was designed for the fitness business owner who wants more from their business and is desperately seeking a way to escape their to-do list!

Your Priority Tracker is designed to be used weekly to help you make progress on the most important goals and projects in your business!

Here’s a post that goes into our goal setting process.  Let’s take a look at the sections of a Priority Tracker…

Positive Focus

The beginning of your Priority Tracker ,as you can see in the image below, always starts with a Personal and Professional Highlight.  It’s critical that you begin by focusing on the positive that happened in the past week.

This positive focus allows you to maintain the proper mindset needed to run your business.  No matter how challenging or bad things seem when you train yourself to find a positive, no matter how small, in your week you’ll be more productive.

Internally we use these highlights to kick off all our meetings at FR.  You can do the same for you and your team.

Goal and Project Status Checks

The next step is status checks on your most important projects and goals.  Your Rocks, what we call the most important projects or metric goals in your business, are front and center.  

You’ll write down the name of your Rock, the due date, status check and critical next steps.

This allows you to identify the most important activities in your business for the next week.  

Focusing on this before moving to the to-do list and tasks allows you to build in the time to get it done.  No more hoping that you’ll find time.  You create it.

After your Rock status report, it’s time to check in on the 4 Sales & Marketing Pillars in your business.  It’s important that you are on track to hit your growth or revenue goals.  Keeping your marketing and sales metrics in front of you at all times allows you to stay focused on moving them forward.

If you’re on pace, keep it up.  Off track?  It’s time to focus on your marketing and sales to get back on track with your goals.  

Help me?!

The next small section allows you to capture questions to ask your peer group.  Our coaching clients not only have their Success Coach, but also a group of peers to lean on when they need a bit of help or guidance.

As you’re planning out your week and identifying challenges or sticking points with your projects or growth you can capture your questions to post to the group here.

If you’re not in a coaching program what are you waiting for?  I’m kidding…a little.  

This could also be a place to post questions for your team or mentors that you need to get addressed.  Use it to eliminate sticking points.

Here’s what the top section of a Priority Tracker looks like:

Priority Tracker 1

Marketing Priorities

This is what drives your business.  It’s the behaviors and actions that will bring you new leads and get you new clients.  

We use the Triple A Marketing Method to create this list of activities.  You’ll input your marketing action items in your priority tracker and assign them days and time to get done.

These should be top of the list or right after your Rock next steps. 

Daily Priority List

To the right of the Marketing Priorities you’ll find your daily priority list.  This is where you begin to create time and plan your work days.  The goal is to stay focused on and start your day (if possible) with these activities.  

Obviously, you may have to train clients or run sessions in your day.  Those are predetermined activities that have to get done.  You’ll need to look at your schedule and figure out the remaining time you have left in the day and then assign that time to the items you’ll list here.

You may notice that there are only 5 line items in the image below.  That is very purposeful.  The sweet spot for high priority items to be completed is 1-3 per day, which leaves you two lines to focus on to-do tasks that you need to get done.

If you can leave for the day and cross off 5 extremely important items that moved your business forward, you’ll leave happy.  And you can rest easy knowing that you’re making progress towards your goals.

Resist the urge to turn this into a to-do list!

Meeting To-Dos

This section is designed to capture your weekly meeting to-dos or items that come up through the week that you’ll need to address.  It may be helping someone with a project, completing a follow up call or just getting something done that has to get done.

Capture your meet to-dos here and keep yourself accountable to getting them done each week.

If you find yourself with a little gap of time or extra time turn your focus to these and cross them off one by one.

Priority Tracker 2

Using The Priority Tracker

Each week, preferably at the end of your work week , take 30 minutes to review your previous week and begin filling in your Priority Tracker for the following week.   

This allows you to head into the weekend with a clear head and gives you the opportunity to relax and recharge.   Plus, when you come back into work on Monday you’ll hit the ground running, already knowing what the most important thing to do is for you and your business.

Using this system and resource will help you win back time and move your business forward faster than ever.  

Want Access To Your Own Priority Tracker?

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