Tips To Remember When Fully Reopening Your Gym

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(Last Updated On: November 16, 2020)

A lot of gym owners want to get “back to normal” and focus on fully reopening their gyms. But it’s not just gym owners…but the members and staff as well.

More gyms have either shut their doors, or changed their entire business to maintain their income and revenue. Although returning to “normal” may seem less likely with each passing day…there is hope on the horizon.

With the latest vaccine announcement from Pfizer, it seems that getting back to normal could happen relatively soon. And when that day comes to return to “business as usual,” will you be ready?

Most gym owners may not be ready, which could pose problems to grow your business.

However, if you have the right plan, you can prevent headaches that may come when you’re ready to fully reopen, and get back to what you love.

How To Be Prepared When Restrictions Are Lifted

Every day, it seems like we are getting closer and closer to the fitness industry getting back to normal–and having less restrictions. And this is great news for most gym or fitness business owners.

But are you ready when it’s time to reopen? Most gym and fitness business owners follow a steady approach—with online workouts keeping you afloat, so you can focus your efforts on implementing safety strategies, new programs to meet client demands, and serving your current clientele–while trying to grow membership and revenue.

If you want to make it easier…then you need a plan in place, one that will take the guesswork out of growing your business when restrictions are gone.  Here’s what we recommend to get you ready for the fitness industry getting back to normal:

Revisit Your Pricing

Although it’s important to maintain your current pricing structure, it may be time to adjust accordingly. For example, if you offer online training, you need to adjust your pricing to reflect the alue this service provides. You should also offer more affordable package plans, implement new front end offers, and encourage autoship memberships to meet your consumer where they currently are. Start thinking how you can make signing up an investment in their health.

Tighten Your Sales and Marketing Processes

The first lockdown resulted in membership and program revenue dropping off. So you got creative with programs and memberships, just to maintain membership and revenue.

Getting the right message to current and potential clients, and marketing your current programs and services may net you more leads that could join with the right sales approach in place. This is a crucial step, and could help your business grow once you reopen.

Keep Your Staff Motivated—And Improve Their Current Skills

The landscape in the fitness industry has changed. Online programs, video libraries, and Zoom workouts have kept businesses from completely shutting down during the lockdown.

When the dust settles, and we’re back to normal, your staff may need to improve both online and in-person services—to deliver the best customer experience possible. It’s important for them to understand the expectations, what their clients want, and the best way to help them reach their goals.

Plan, Plan, Plan

As the fitness industry gets “back to normal,” it’s will be important to invest in strategies to make this transition as smooth as possible. But some gym owners may not be ready for a grand reopening, which could limit their growth and overall success.

If you implement these tips now, you may be ready—which could take your gym, or fitness business, to the next level.

In order to be successful, you need to have a dialed-in plan, with clear, concise steps to fix current issues you’re facing. Once you get going, and these mistakes aren’t corrected, it could slow growth and lead to more sleepless nights.

But once the mistakes are corrected…

And you have your sales, marketing, and lead generation strategies in place…

You could see tremendous growth in your business, now and in the future.

Honestly, there is no better time to start building your success plan. Because face it…being ready for the future should be your #1 priority right now.

If you’re struggling right now…

Even if you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Things are looking up…and you need to be ready to go when people start resuming their normal lives.

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