Top 3 Marketing Campaigns To Attract More Clients

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(Last Updated On: September 18, 2019)

Marketing is a requirement if you want to your business to be a success.  I simply can’t sit here and tell you that you just have to be great at what you do and clients will come flocking to your gym.   You have to work to attract them.  

The Triple A Marketing Method is a game changer for providing you focus, purpose and an unique plan based on your strengths.

The entire premise of going through the Triple A Marketing Method exercise is to create some simple action steps that you can do each day to get a little closer to your goals.

By taking small actions each day you’ll begin to build the marketing habits that will bring in more leads and increase your revenues.

There are a few things that I think everyone should be doing though.  If you’re stuck and don’t know what marketing actions to take here’s a quick jump start.

Your Online Channel

Video is hot right now.  If you do a search you’ll find videos popping up at the top of the Google rankings and on social media videos are some of the most consumed content.  

It’s probably time to get out of your comfort zone and start posting more videos.  This is something that’s at the top of my list to start doing more of as well.   

Your daily habit…

Post a minimum of 1 video to your social media channels each day.   Don’t worry about the optimal time or even the content.  Simply get in the habit of posting daily and after a few weeks you can optimize it.

Your videos should be 2-5 minutes long and be filled with content.

Think of the questions your clients are asking, provide tips to get better results, dispel myths and show exercises your audience can use to improve their fitness.

It’s important to remember who your message is designed to attract.  Don’t use fancy terms or talk in “trainer speak”.   You are trying to provide value to potential clients, not impress your trainer friends.

At the end of each video have a short call to action.   This call to action is either telling them where to go to sign up for your email list, such as a landing page, or how to apply/register for your Front End Offer.

That’s it!   You don’t have to use a fancy sales pitch or do anything crazy.  Just let them know where to go to take the next step.

Your Offline Channel

To maximize your marketing it’s going to take more than a few social media posts.  The next easiest way to get in front of leads is leveraging joint ventures.

There are a few ways to maximize a joint venture relationship…

Sponsor a Challenge

Offer to allow the JV to sponsor an upcoming challenge where you will link to their website from your challenge page, promote an offer to your email list or challenge participants and do a few social medial blasts for them.

Email Marketing

Most JVs have an email list they probably aren’t using.  Take advantage of that and ask if they would be willing to send out a few emails to their customers or their email list with a special offer.

Social Media

If the JV has a social media page ask them to send out a few posts on your behalf promoting your offer.  It can be content, a link to a landing page or a Front End offer.   

Hosting A Seminar

Offer to deliver a seminar to the JVs customers at their place of business as a value add in exchange for being able to capture the info of the attendees.  This is a big win-win if you can coordinate it.

Your daily habit…

If you want to actively use JV marketing to grow your business then it’s important to build up a big list of JVs!  Start by reaching out to 3 new JV businesses or organizations each day with a call or email.   

If you do this you’ll be reaching out to 15 new possible JVs per week.  You won’t get them all but if you play the numbers game there’s a good shot you’ll get 2-4 new JVs each month.

After you have a good list of JVs you can work with each of them on a smaller scale to get big results.  If you could get each JV to commit to sending out or helping promote once per quarter you would only have to have 12 different JV partners to have a weekly promotion going out to your community.  

Your Internal Channel

Everyone wants more referrals!  To get ‘em you need to actively be informing your clients of the referral program you have in place, telling them exactly how to refer you client and make it easy for them to refer.

You can get your ready-to-use referral system in Fitness Sales Mastery when you join The Academy

One of the Accelerator Coaching Program members has been using this system and got over 40 referrals in a single month!  

You could make a few slight modifications to the letters and cards to use with current clients and implement this plan right away to get more leads.  

Your daily habit…

Send at least 1 client a letter or card to all new clients immediately.

Build Up Your Bench

It should be mandatory that every fitness business owner build an email list.  Email marketing is one of the smartest and most powerful ways to grow your business.

It allows you to strategically follow up with leads that didn’t become clients.  It’s a great way to nurture those leads and add value.

Start using the tools and resources you have at your disposal to build an email list.  Every lead you get should be added to it and nurtured.  

Send at least 1 email per week to your email list and once per month make an offer to non clients to join your Front End Offer.

The Plan Works If You Work It

There’s no real magic to this formula.  The consistency will produce results.  But, to make it work you’ve got to be committed to doing the work.  

Marketing activities should be some of the highest priority items on your daily to-do list.  If you’re not happy with your income, revenues or client growth put an emphasis on these things.  

Put this plan to work and it will work for you.  It won’t happen overnight, but after a few weeks you’ll see the leads pick up, new clients start coming in and revenues climbing.

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