The Value of Association Membership in the Fitness Industry

Throughout a fitness professionals professional career, there comes a time when business ownership, whether as a studio/gym owner, independent contractor or the like, becomes the logical next step.

When that time comes, it can be daunting. Going from the friendly confines of a health club, YMCA, JCC, etc. where you’ve built your clientele, have every piece of equipment you could ask for, and a bunch of adoring clients – to then make the leap into something completely brand new can be terrifying. Not to mention a new venture that comes with a completely different set of skills – business skills.

Many times those who make the leap soon realize that just because you took the chance, put your name on the lease and went out on your own, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to success.

But fear not…industry associations are born out of the desire to provide a unified voice, to drive growth and increase the success rate of its members. Think IDEA for fitness professionals, IHRSA for health clubs, APTA for physical therapists and so on.

AFS LOGOLuckily for those entrepreneurial fitpros and current studio/gym owners, there’s an Association built (and priced) to be a home for you. The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the world’s most powerful solution to succeed at the business of fitness.

With a turnkey success program that keeps you motivated
and on track, AFS provides a plan that works, the expertise to guide you, and a monthly assessment program/report to generate more clients and make more money.

Members of professional associations understand that success doesn’t just happen; it takes work, education, mentorship, and invaluable partnerships – the very foundation of AFS.  With partnerships with over 60 industry organizations, including every major certification company to dozens of others, AFS is built to be a hub for all things fitness business related.

Associations educate their members on the latest products, services, research trends, and business concepts not only for you to be successful, but for you to get your clients the results they expect. Associations empower their members that are trying to make America healthier, fitter, and happier!

AFS believes fitness studios and those fitpros working around the world are the answers to the obesity epidemic. You’re in business, doing what you love to do, because you’re doing what’s good for society.

But to run a successful fitness business, you need to know your numbers, how to calculate them, compare against industry averages, and get a clear understanding from a community of experts.

Association members, through the power of becoming part of a larger group, gain access to a wealth of new business opportunities, save hours by finding highly qualified answers all under one roof, and even tap into combined purchasing power to receive money saving opportunities on the most relevant products and services for the fitness industry.

While some key benefits include:

  • Industry leading research that analyzes and benchmarks industry performance data
  • Online CEC/CEU courses focused on building a successful fitness business
  • Education events to drive industry growth
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Insurance programs

What’s most important is that Associations are built to provide their members with the knowledge, resources and a voice that will allow them to prosper in the long term.

Stephen Tharrett, a former President of IHRSA, member of AFS’ Advisory Board, and member of the Club Industry Advisory board, who has also has served on the education, certification and health/fitness facility standards committees for the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) states: “As an entrepreneurial fitpro or current studio/gym owner who is considering whether it’s worth it to join their industry Association, I would say to you unequivocally, it’s an investment you need to make if you want to grow as a professional, and just as importantly if you desire to have your business prosper now and in the future.”

About the Author:

JL_Headshot newJosh Leve is the Founder & CEO of the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS). AFS’ mission is to provide studio/gym owners running facilities up to 10,000 square feet and entrepreneurial fitness professionals with the platform to effectively start, manage, and grow their businesses.

With 13,000 members and over 60 industry partnerships – Josh’s success with AFS has translated into being featured in all major fitness publications, the Wall Street Journal and US News. He is also a featured speaker for events such as Club Industry, NSCA, NASM, EMPOWER!, Athletic Business and more.

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