We Transform Overworked Gym Owners into Successful Fitness Entrepreneurs.

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Proven strategies used by over
3,500 fitness entrepreneurs


We Transform Overworked Gym Owners
into Successful Fitness Entrepreneurs.




We’re not another Quick Fix Guru. No Magic Pill Promises

Just the complete and permanent solution to building a profitable fitness business. With expert coaching, backed by our Fitness Business Alignment System™, we will skyrocket your confidence, recover vanishing revenue, and stop burnout dead in its tracks. Our fitness business coaching program is next to none.


Introducing the Fitness Business Alignment System™

The Long-Term Solution to Ending Burnout for Fitness Entrepreneurs.

What is it?
The Fitness Business Alignment System™ is our configurable operating system designed to help you create a high-performing business that’s easier to run and makes you more money. 

This system will help you design your business around your needs and wants, guide you in creating the path to build that business, and provide you with the tools, processes, and resources to get you there. Because it’s based on principles and not trends, it will never “go out of style” and it can work with any fitness business regardless of the services you offer. This will be your perfect Fitness Business Coaching Program!

How does it work?
The four components of FBAS tell us “Here’s where you are”, “Here’s where you’re going”, “Here’s what you need”, and most importantly “Here’s how to move forward with confidence.” First, we help you identify which stage of the Fitness Business Owner’s Journey you are in. From there, we can guide you along the path that can transform you into a successful fitness entrepreneur.

We work with you to integrate our 26 core systems into your business through 1-on-1 fitness business coaching supported by The Academy, our one-of-a-kind training program full of tactical solutions and educational modules for continual learning.

Fitness Business Alignment System TM Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


The Fitness Business Owner’s Journey is the success path that outlines the challenges and opportunities that you’ll face while building a high-performing business. This map provides the direction and milestones that serve as checkpoints so you know you are on the right track as well as revealing what lies ahead. This will be your first big step in your fitness business coaching program so do it now!

Take Our Needs Assessment!

Instantly identify where you are in the Fitness Business Owner’s Journey. In two minutes, you’ll get a step-by-step growth plan and the resources you need to grow your business to sum up your fitness business essentials.


Self-Guided Education

Get trained in every aspect of your fitness business. The Academy contains over 100 modules on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Business Strategy. Consequently, you can expand your knowledge with masterclasses, videos, and comprehensive assessments to help you reach mastery in every aspect of your business.

Take lessons, one at a time, and apply them in your business to get results immediately. Whether you’re thriving and you need help to fill in the blanks or you’re just getting started, The Academy has everything you need to do it yourself. So choose the most suitable fitness business coaching only for you!

fitness business coaching to gym owners | Fitness Revolution

One-On-One Coaching

Work 1-on-1 with one of our highly trained fitness business coaches who will help you create a growth plan and guide you through The Fitness Business Owners Journey. Likewise, we’ll guide you on setting your vision for the business, establishing goals based off of that vision, and creating an execution plan to meet those goals.

In addition, you will have complete access to the Academy and our online community. Which means you’ll have the knowledge and support you need to grow. So if you’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own, then this fitness business coaching program is for you.


Not sure what program is right for you?

Hop on a free 45-min call with one of our highly trained fitness business coaches. Together, they’ll work out the biggest challenge you’re facing today, create an action plan, and above all, see which one of our programs is right for you. You’ll never know if this is the perfect fitness business coaching for you if you never give it a chance! Book a strategy session now!


Byler Elite Strength Training Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


“This is a one of a kind sales training experience for fitness professionals that want to make their sales meetings more predictable and profitable…”

Byler Elite Strength Training

Castro Valley Fitness Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution

Mitch Rothbardt

“Before this I would always dread sales conversations, feeling like I had to be pushy, or something like that. This process helped me understand that I’m not just selling them something, I’m helping them…”

Castro Valley Fitness

Inspire 4 Fitness Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


I found Fitness Revolution at just the right time to reinvent and rejuvenate my fitness business.  Early in 2020, I was at a crossroads to commit to grow my fitness business or find outside employment…When COVID-19 hit…

Inspire 4 Fitness

SheSTRENGTH Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


My struggle was staying on task with one project at a time, and focusing on finishing it.  Not chasing every shiny new object.  I was frustrated with trying to get a lot of things done, by myself…


Pinnacle Performance & Fitness Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


I had no idea how to run a fitness business.  NO IDEA! I didn’t know that I needed marketing.  With FR’s coaching I went from having zero business knowledge to having a staff of 6 and grossing close to $25K per month…

Pinnacle Performance & Fitness

Nourished Performance Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


Before starting with FR, I was a burned out, frustrated fitness business owner. Our brick and mortar location had been open for 5 months and felt like I was still just an independent trainer, but with quadruple the overhead

Nourished Performance

Strong Bodiez Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


Finding Fitness Revolution and starting their High-Performance Fitness Business Coaching Program was the beginning of my transformation!  I got so much more out of the business coaching

Strong Bodiez

Breakaway Fitness & Performance Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


Before FR, I didn’t know what to do in my business or when to do it for future growth. I wasn’t building my business like a business. Since working with FR, I doubled my business in the first few months…

Breakaway Fitness & Performance

Leverage Fitness Fitness Business Coaching | Fitness Revolution


I’ve only gotten where I currently am, and where I’m going from standing on the shoulders of my coach and FR. I’ve been able to elevate and replicate every aspect of my career, my business, and my success: from lead generation

Leverage Fitness


Accelerate your Dreams

We love helping independent gym owners break through their obstacles, build their confidence, and grow their fitness businesses. However, we were fed up with watching passionate fitness entrepreneurs get beaten to a pulp by the grind and never reach their goals. As a result, we created the Fitness Business Alignment System that has empowered over 32k+ gym owners.

Since 2005, we have fine-tuned this system of individualized fitness business coaching and proprietary business education to make growing your business simple. In short, this process will transform you into a successful fitness entrepreneur who is in control of your business and your life.
So what are you waiting for?