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Success Coach Role

We’re looking for an individual who is results driven, an effective communicator, has sharp problem solving skills, and demonstrates intuitive decision making to join our Team as a Success Coach  for Fitness Revolution. The Success Coach is responsible for providing business coaching and support, building strong relationships, and influencing improved performance from our Coaching Partners.

If you are accepted for this position, you will be working 20 hours per week. There will be opportunity to grow into a full-time position for the right person. You may be able to work remotely, if the circumstances dictate. There will be some non-traditional hours involved at times, including evenings and weekends. There is also occasional travel, as we host multiple seminars around the country each year. Make no mistake about it, we work extremely hard. We also understand the importance of personal balance, and find ways to facilitate that with our Team. Being able to maintain our work ethic, that balance, and our Values is how we’ve been named as high as #583 in the Inc5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies in the US, recognized by Franchise Business Review for being one of the top 2-3 of franchisors in terms of franchisee satisfaction, and recognized 3-times as a Top Places to Work in Kentucky by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. These are just a few from the last couple of years. What we’re doing is getting attention. We’re very proud to have been able to grow at the pace that we have, while maintaining our quality standards in the eyes of our customers, and providing a career for our Team members—all at the same time.

Job Requirements

  • Deliver the Fitness Business Alignment System in live & virtual settings: FBAS is the foundation for our methodology and our Coaching Process, both of which must be at the core of the guidance our Coaching Partners receive.
  • Improve Coaching Partner performance and compliance:  Our Coaching Partners trust us to provide the tools and coaching they need to get results. It’s the Success Coach’s responsibility to influence the actions needed to develop and apply FBAS.
  • Build Coaching Partner Relationships:  We work with people, plain and simple. There are varying degrees of relationships so our Success Coaches must be able to connect with people on the level they want to be connected with.
  • Develop subject matter knowledge:  Relentless Pursuit of Growth and Knowledge is one of our Core Values. You don’t need to be an expert in multiple areas but you do need to be able to speak intelligently about a broad range of subjects. It’s also important that our coaches play a role in our own team development. Sharing experiences, best practices, and feedback on how we could improve our programs are just a few examples.

Prerequisite Skills & Attitude

  • Technology and computer applications: You must be very comfortable using computer applications and electronic communication. The majority of our Team is virtual, and we use video conferencing technology to communicate daily. Familiarity with Google Docs is a plus.
  • Desire to learn and grow: We’re very serious about this! We want a person who is motivated to get better every day and who isn’t shy about suggesting ideas on how we can improve our process. We do not want a robot that simply follows a checklist. We want someone who learns and grows with our company.
  • Organized and Attentive to Detail: This is a must! You will need to be attentive to even the smallest of details to ensure we’re meeting our quality standards.
  • High School diploma required, college degree preferred
  • Experience in the fitness industry required
  • Coaching, mentoring, leadership, or management experience preferred

How to Apply

We’re looking to fill this position soon so if you’re interested, follow these instructions precisely. Failure to follow these instructions will result in your resume going in the circular file. This is your first test, okay?

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Send a resume that includes your education, ALL prior work experience (yes, we even want to know if you mowed lawns when you were 14), and any skills you have. It should be no longer than 2 pages.
  2. In a second document, list three references with phone numbers and what your relationship is with the references (i.e. – previous employer, college professor, etc).
  3. Record a short video covering the 4 topics below, upload it to Youtube, and send us the link. Make sure the video is set as Unlisted. The video can be as short as you like, but no more than 4 minutes total. We want to see you and your personality in the video. I recommend you spend one minute on each of these 4 topics:
    • What’s the most important thing you want us to know about you
    • Tell us what you know about Fitness Revolution
    • Give one example of how you’ve demonstrated one of our Core Values
    • Tell us what you would expect out of your ideal work environment
  4. Email both documents as MS Word files and the Youtube video link to Nathan Miller at nmiller@frnation.com with the subject line: FR Success Coach Submission (Your Last Name)

Next Steps

Here’s the Position Description, and here are our Core Values. If you followed the instructions properly, you will hear from us within 5 business days. If we feel you may be a good fit for the position, we’ll call or email you to set up a personal interview. If we feel you may not be a fit right now, we will contact you and let you know and to thank you for your time.  

The sooner we receive your application, the better. We’re going to hire the person we believe is the best fit to our Team. The position will be gone when we find that person, even if that’s the first application we see. We believe in taking action quickly. So get your application in as soon as possible! I look forward to reviewing it and hopefully meeting you personally.

About Fitness Revolution

Our business is dedicated to providing fitness professionals the tools and support they need to build the businesses of their dreams. We have an extensive reach in the fitness industry, as Fitness Consulting Group is the parent company of several major brands such as the International Youth Conditioning Association, Resistance Band Training, and Fitness Revolution.)  Our headquarters is located in Elizabethtown, KY, but we have many people who work remotely as well.

We know that our biggest assets are our Team and our knowledge. We’re in business to put innovative ideas, techniques, skills, and methodologies in the hands of fitness professionals and business owners. Our Coaching and Licensure  programs are founded upon the Fitness Business Alignment System™ (FBAS)—our proprietary methodology for creating a high performing business.

We pride ourselves on being at the top of the class with our subject matter, subject matter experts, and our values. We’ve been recognized during our 10+ years for speed of growth, customer satisfaction, and employee satisfaction – multiple times over in each category. To us that is representative of the passion that we put into making sure that we don’t sacrifice one of those areas in favor of any of the others. We’re looking for someone who can bring the same level of excellence in service and their unique abilities to coach others towards achievement.

PS: We are not a suit-and-tie, corporate type of environment. We are an entrepreneurial small business. We move quickly to capitalize on opportunities. We’re not a company with positions where just showing up is enough. We want nothing more than to find a person who takes real interest in doing good work and contributing to the growth of the business.

With all that said, enthusiasm and a positive attitude go long way in my book. As long as you have the skills we mentioned and a great attitude, you’re definitely a candidate!