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10 Reasons You Need A Coach

Business owners don’t find success alone. It’s much easier to avoid big mistakes and accelerate your progress by hiring a coach. But, when is the right time? In this article we’ll show you how to know if you need a coach.

(Last Updated On: September 24, 2019)

Getting A Coach for Your Business

If you’ve been in business long, you should know the value of a coach and mentor to your success.

Every successful business owner and entrepreneur that I know uses a coach or mentor in some capacity to enhance their development and increase their success.

It’s funny how resistant trainers are to get a coach for their business though.

They use the same excuses and have the same mindset that their clients have about hiring a trainer. You know…the ones that you complain about most when you can’t get clients or someone doesn’t sign up to train with you :).

Modeling the actions of the super successful is a great way to create success for yourself. The one thing that all of the most successful people in the world have in common is knowing the value of a coach.

10 Reasons You Need a Coach

Let’s talk about 10 reasons you need a coach for your business, and how it may help you get the results you want faster.

Reason #1: It’s too hard to do on your own

Growing and building a business is too challenging to do on your own. It’s nearly impossible to learn everything you need to learn and understand everything you can about your business without the help of others.

Not only that, but regular people just don’t understand the challenges and stress you face on a daily basis. They think you’re rolling in money and only work a few hours a day.

Especially in the fitness industry!

So, it’s important to have someone in your corner that you can count on. It’s even more important to have a group of your peers that can help you develop into the business owner you need to be in order for your business to be successful.

Reason #2: They can help you avoid critical mistakes

When you work with someone that has been there and done that or that works with a lot of businesses like yours, they help you avoid making critical mistakes with your business.

They know the path that it will take for you to have success and they know what actions you need to be taking. Lean on that experience to avoid making mistakes that could set you back months and lots of money in your business.

A good coach will be honest and forthcoming in your coaching sessions to help you avoid these mistakes, even if it’s not the most pleasant and fun thing to hear at the time. You’ll thank them later.

Reason #3: Running a business is chaotic

If you don’t have a great system for planning and creating strategy for your business, it can seem chaotic at times.

A coach will provide you with a framework to organize that chaos, and they will help you create a plan for creating systems and structure in your business.

If you feel like you’re always putting out fires and having a growing priority list of items you can never get to then it’s time for a coach. They help you prioritize, stay focused and give you structure to help you create more freedom.

It’s funny how the very thing you want to get away from as an entrepreneur, at least a lot of times, is rules and structure. Yet, that is what will give you the freedom you want. However, when it’s your business you can do that on your terms.

Reason #4: They can help you break through ceilings, get unstuck

At some point in every business you’ll hit a ceiling and feel a little stuck. That’s where a coach comes in to help you figure out the next steps to growth and the most important things you need to do if you’re wanting to get to the next level.

The things that helped you get to the current level of success in your business usually aren’t the same things that will get you to the next level of success.

It’s easy to get in your own way as a business owner and sabotage your progress, but a coach will help you see that and get you on the right track.

Reason #5: They challenge you to try new things

You probably like your routine and doing things the way you’ve always done them. However, like we mentioned before, doing that often times will keep you from reaching new levels of success.

You need a coach to challenge you to try something new and do the things that aren’t fun right now but are critical to your success. A coach will gently, or aggressively if needed, nudge you to take action on the things you need to do but might not want to do.

Reason #6: They hold you accountable

Having someone hold you accountable and ensure you’re executing your plans is critical to your success.

Very few people have the discipline and willpower to stick to the plan and follow through with their commitments. This is especially true of business owners. You’re always starting things but never finishing them.

A good coach will hold you accountable to your plan.

Reason #7: They help you delegate

As a coach, it’s our job to help you stay in your wheelhouse.

That often times means getting rid of the tasks that you shouldn’t be focused on and delegating them to someone else so you can do what you’re best at for your business.

It takes a big push to get a business owner to do this many times, because they think they can do it better themselves. However, a good coach knows that you’re likely overwhelmed and will perform better when you can clear some things from your plate.

Reason #8: They keep it real

It’s easy to drink a little too much of your own kool-aid at times and set goals that you don’t truly believe will be accomplishedor that are so unrealistic that you can’t accomplish them in the time you want to do it.

A coach will help you create big goals and a vision for your business and then break it down to bite size milestones to make it easier and more realistic to accomplish.

They’ll also be there when you dream a little too big and need to be brought back down to planet earth. There’s nothing wrong with big goals and dreams, but they aren’t any good if you don’t accomplish them.

Reason #9: They care about you

As a business owner you’ll put your business, your clients and your team ahead of your family and yourself. It’s why you see so many stressed out, overworked and distraught business owners.

A good coach will be cautious of your own well-being and make sure you are doing what’s needed to take care of yourself, your fitness and your health first.

Without a high performing business owner you can’t have a high performing business.

Reason #10: They can help accelerate your growth

Vaughn Bethell, who heads up our FR Mastermind programs, talks about paying for speed when it comes to growing his business and the coaching clients he is working with in his groups.

That’s a great way to look at it! And Vaughn knows from experience because he’s been in our FR License Coaching Program and Elite Mastermind groups for several years.


If you want fast progress in your business, hiring a coach is the best way to guarantee that success.

You’ll get a second pair of eyes on your business, uncover blind spots you may not recognize, identify issues before they become a problem, and get the support you need to grow.

Being around a group of high performers will make you a better business owner. It’s why we encourage group coaching instead of individual coaching. You need those peers to lift you up and support you.

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