Focused Marketing: Finding Your Ideal Client

Finding Your Ideal Client

If you have a marketing plan but don’t have a clear focus on your target, you’re leaving your growth to chance. And in an industry that’s getting more competitive you can’t afford to leave anything to chance.

Just being great at what you do isn’t enough anymore. Your clients don’t care about your certifications, your fancy assessment techniques or the advanced program design methods you use. They ONLY care about getting the results they want!

You need to use your marketing to tell a story. That story is all about how you can help your target market and Ideal Clients get the results they want.

I’ve covered the stages of a buyer’s journey in a previous post. It’s important that you keep that buyers journey in mind when you are crafting this story.

You’ll want to make sure that your marketing is setup to move someone through those stages and that starts with having a deep understanding of your Ideal Client.

Relationship Between Target Market, Ideal Client & Core Offer

Before we talk about finding your Ideal Client and discovering how to market to them, we need to understand the difference between your target market and your Ideal Client. It’s important to know both because you aren’t going to only attract your Ideal Client into your business.

Your goal is to build the foundation of your business around them. However, you’ll also have clients that are less than ideal for your business but still interested in getting the results you are offering as well as clients that are at the top of the pyramid—think of your perfect clients.

Perfect clients are few and far between, and we often refer to them as brand lovers internally here at FR. Your target market is usually defined by your Core Offer.

While you may think you have a dialed in Core Offer, it’s easy to miss a few critical steps that could refine it further to give you the focus you need and awareness of the programs you’re building your business around.

Too many trainers out there are offering 3-5 different services to clients trying to attract them all, and by doing that they are struggling.

When you get your Core Offer right you’ll know the results you’re best at delivering, the programs you love running, how you best get those results, and what program will be best for building your business around. That will help you narrow your focus to a target market, an age range, result type, etc.

But we need more focus than that if you want to create a laser focused marketing plan!

Creating Your Ideal Client

One of the very first exercises that we take someone through when they join our coaching program is to help them create a marketing strategy. That includes the Define Your Core Offer™, Creating Your Ideal Client™ and Local Market Positioning™ tools in our coaching system.

It’s critical if you want to have success with your marketing over the long haul. Sure, you could run a few campaigns and see some success through luck, but I’d much rather have a plan that I know works instead of risking it on chance…

Wouldn’t you?

Remember as you go through this process that you’re not creating your Perfect Client. You need to describe your Ideal Client. There’s one important thing to consider when going through this exercise…

…this is what your Ideal Client is like BEFORE they start working with you, not what keeps them in your programs.

Knowing is Half the Battle…

The GI Joes knew what was up 🙂 .  If you grew up in the 80’s you probably get my reference. If not, well that’s okay too.

You need to know your Ideal Client extremely well. We go as far as giving them a name and creating a profile for them, complete with a picture. It sounds a little creepy but that’s what it takes to stay focused with your marketing.

To create this Ideal Client, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do they live?
  2. What are their characteristics/traits?
  3. Where do they spend their free time?
  4. Do they have a family?
  5. What is their income? Employment?
  6. What are their goals?
  7. What’s important to them?

Those are just a few of the questions that we have you go through when you are creating your Ideal Client.

From there, you start to build out their profile and create what looks like a bio or stat sheet for this person. Again, it’s complete with a fake name and picture. The more specific you can get, the better off you’ll be when you begin to implement your marketing plan.

How Do You Use It?

Using the Ideal Client profile can be a little tricky. Now that you have all this info what do you do with it?

Well, for starters it’s only 1 of the 3 key pieces of our marketing strategy. You still need to define your complete marketing strategy by clearly laying out your Core Offer and your Local Market Positioning (your marketing message) to have the complete picture.

Until you can get those done you can still make some progress!

Now that you know who your Ideal Client is, what they are looking for and where they are spending extra time and money, you can start seeking out marketing channels that will put your marketing materials in front of them more frequently.

That could mean joint ventures or other businesses, social media channels or media.

You’ll also be able to craft a marketing message that will attract your Ideal Client because you’ll know how to speak to them and what’s important to them based on the goals they want to achieve. Just those two steps will make your marketing more effective.

A Focused Growth Plan

You’ve just discovered an incredibly focused marketing plan to grow your business. It’s funny how this focused plan will actually help you attract more of your target market as well.

When you get your messaging down and it’s specific to your Ideal Client, you’ll be able to cut through all the marketing noise out there and your message will stand out. It’s like writing your marketing in bright, neon colors when everyone else is using gray, white and black for theirs.

Spending some time to work through these exercises will help you gain clarity and focus that will lead to faster business growth.

Fast Track Your Marketing

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  • Casey says:

    As a somewhat new trainer and someone who has heard this recurring advice, I still struggle with deciding how to narrow down to a niche or perfect client in a smaller market. My community is around 34,000 people. I’m not confident there are enough people in the market to narrow it down. I fear that I may miss opportunities by targeting a specific market that may or may not be there.

  • Ryan Ketchum says:


    Great question! It’s hard to give specific advice without knowing what you think your target market is right now to know if there are enough. The great thing about it is, once you dial it in you can do research to determine if there are enough people and if they are willing to pay for your services. For example a few years ago MMA was increasing in popularity and everyone wanted to train MMA fighters. The trouble is the market was too small and those that were out there didn’t have the money to pay for training. Only a few select trainers were making money training MMA fighters. An opportunity for those people could have been to set up training like MMA training but focus on the regular Joe’s and Jane’s out there wanting to train like that.

    Initially you probably won’t know exactly how to refine your target market or Ideal Client. You may need to explore a bit to find the right fit for you and who you want to train and are best at delivering results. However don’t confuse having an Ideal Client or target market with not training anyone that doesn’t fit that exact mold. The reason you create an Ideal Client profile is to refine your marketing so that you speak to one person, which will naturally allow you to understand their concerns, pain, frustrations and challenges more thoroughly so that you can communicate to them how you will bet help them overcome it all to eventually reach their end goal. A huge problem with most trainers marketing is that they speak to broad and general which leads to ineffective marketing.

    Get started by asking yourself these questions:
    1) What results am I best at delivering for my clients?
    2) How am I amble to get these results? What format of training?
    3) Is there a big enough market to build a business around this?
    4) Who do I enjoy training the most?

    From there you can start to drill down into figuring out if your target market is large enough in your community to build a business or if you need to shift your focus.