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How To Create Great Fitness Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials are critical to generate new leads for your fitness business. But how do you get them to say what you want (and need) them to say?

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Creating great fitness testimonials can be a challenge! It seems like the client never gives you all the information you need in the way you need it.

Until now!  

Today you’ll learn a process that will show you how to build a killer testimonial in sixty seconds.

This idea came from Kevin Rogers, who’s an amazing copywriter, in his book called “The Sixty Second Sales Hook.” The Sixty Second Sales Hook came about when Kevin was breaking down strategies for telling great jokes, because he’s was a stand up comedian before he turned professional copywriter. There was a specific strategy to telling a joke told a great story and he figured out how you could create a sales hook, basically your elevator pitch, to tell people what you do, using the same model.

You can also use this when creating great fitness testimonials.

A good testimonial will resonate with the your ideal client. Your leads need to understand, from the testimonial, that the solution you are offering them is going to work.

A good testimonial will resonate with the your ideal client.

If you want to create great fitness testimonials for your business you need to follow these four steps.

Fitness Testimonials Step 1: Identify Yourself

Have the client introduce themselves. Tell a little bit about their story, get just a small background.

Fitness Testimonials Step 2: Talk About Your Struggle

Talk about the frustrations, the things that they had to overcome and why they wanted to make a change.  

Fitness Testimonials Step 3: What had the biggest impact on you (your life)

This is a really important part.

This is the transformation portion of the story. That moment that they realized something was different.   

  • What was the moment?
  • What were the things that made the biggest impact?
  • When did they realized they were making the biggest changes?

So this is going to lead people to tell their friends or tell someone that’s reading about this, if they’re listening to their testimonial or reading their testimonial. It’s going to tell them the things that made the biggest difference to them. It will do in their words. This is where they sell the program.

This is where they sell the program.


Fitness Testimonials Step 4:  Explain your specific results

The results should be specific but also have the client talk about the emotions they experienced once they realized the results.

It’s a simple four-part process.

If you follow this four step process for creating written or video fitness testimonials, your testimonials are going to have a much bigger impact on the leads that are reading them. You’ll have a higher conversion rate from the people that are seeing these testimonials.

Ready to start getting better testimonials?

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