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Seeing Into The Future Of Your Fitness Business

Having a long-term vision in place is a must-have for fitness business owners. Do you have yours?

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Why you Need a Long-Term Vision

Can you clearly see where you want your business to be in 5, 10, maybe even 25 years? Without looking into a crystal ball or playing with a magic 8-ball to get the answer. 😉

You should, and it should make you excited!

The Long-Term Vision for your business is your guiding post for decisions you will make today and tomorrow. It’s the true north for you.

If you can’t see out 10 years or more, that’s okay. It takes time and practice to be able to convey your Long-Term Vision to others, and maybe even to see it yourself.

The timeline isn’t what’s important, the importance lies in having a purpose, creating something that you and your team can get excited about and to give you a direction to head.long-term vision

Your Long-Term Vision helps you create your roadmap for success, or what we at FR call your Strategic Alignment Plan™.

Without and endpoint in mind, it’s nearly impossible to know if the actions and decisions you make today will help you accomplish your goals.

When your Long-Term Vision is complete it should:

  • Align with what you can be great at
  • Make economic sense (you gotta make money!)
  • Be something you’re passionate about
  • If you looked 3-5 years into the future and read an article about your business, what would that article show that you’ve accomplished?

How did you accomplish those things?

The answers to those questions will help you generate your Long-Term Vision. It already exists in your mind, you simply have to figure out how to communicate it to your team and clients in way that makes sense.

Keep working on your Long-Term Vision until it’s able to be communicated in 1-3 sentences and gets you excited to get up and go to work every day.

Here’s an example of my personal Long-Term Vision, not for the company but for my life…

“Live a happy, fulfilled life by being a great father and husband, spending time with friends, learning from great mentors and paying it forward while impacting 100,000 fitness pros.”

Once you’ve figured out your Long-Term Vision you need to document it, communicate it to everyone in your company over and over, and make it visible for everyone to see.

It will help you filter decisions in tough times and keep you motivated to work hard to achieve it.

Creating your Long Term Vision is just the start though! It’s the endpoint to your roadmap for success, the real magic comes in creating the plan to get there.

That’s exactly what we do in our coaching programs like the Area Exclusive Fitness Revolution License Program. If you’d like a little help developing your roadmap for success schedule a Discovery Call today to learn more.

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