This One Mistake Is Keeping Gym Owners Stuck, Stagnant, and Struggling

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(Last Updated On: September 2, 2022)

You started your fitness business to make a positive impact on people’s lives. And you may find yourself struggling with the “business” part of your business. Not because you hate it but because you’re just not sure what to do. Over the years you’ve probably found yourself searching the internet for a solution to some of the many problems you have as a gym owner. And you’ve probably found some great solutions… for a time. This is the one mistake that could be keeping you stuck, stagnant, or struggling. 

Using Quick Fixes for Long-term Problems

What does this mean?

Just like the human body, a fitness business is an interconnected organism. If a certain area is not functioning properly it could affect the entire business. A business is broken down into 5 key areas that you need to nurture to have success. Those areas are sales, marketing, operations, business strategy, and finance. And just like the human body, each one of those 5 key areas can be broken down further. For example, as a part of marketing, you have market/audience research, creating offers, advertising through various channels (print, social, email, etc), and the many facets of an effective marketing campaign. 

Each one of these 5 key areas and the systems within need to be addressed with an effective long-term strategy. If one of these systems is out of sync it can impact the entire business. For example, if your market research is wrong and you haven’t properly identified your ideal customer then the entire business is going to be impacted.

Let’s look at it together.

If you’ve identified the wrong ideal customer, then you’re going to create offers for the wrong people, then you’re going to spend money and time advertising those offers to people who don’t want them, the leads that you get aren’t going to be a good fit, sales will suffer, revenue will decrease, then you won’t have the money to invest in staff, marketing, equipment, and eventually you won’t be able to survive. That’s a pretty bleak picture.

You might find yourself somewhere in the midst of this type of issue. And in your haste you find a hyped-up quick fix on the internet. This quick-fix might address a singular marketing problem. Maybe it’s a tool to help you create an irresistible offer.

This Quick Fix Doesn’t Address the Systematic Issue

You create this irresistible offer but you still haven’t identified your actual ideal customer. You begin to advertise this offer to the wrong market, and you might have some success. A few more prospects start booking success sessions but they’re really hard to close. So you think… “There’s something wrong with my sales process.”  Then you go back to the internet and find a brand spanking new fitness sales script that’s guaranteed to close 95% of prospects.

You’re starting to see the issue here right? And you may be thinking… 

Okay, wow… this is really complicated and hard to figure out… almost impossible!”

It is really complicated but it is not impossible! 

The Fitness Business Alignment System™ for Gym Owners

We created the Fitness Business Alignment System™ as a long-term solution for fitness business owners to run successful and healthy gyms. It’s not another quick fix. In fact, we stand against those hyped-up quick fixes because they actually do more damage than good. It leaves gym owners with this type of thinking… 

“No matter what I do, nothing works, there must be something wrong with me.”

We absolutely hate that. It’s the quick fix that’s flawed… not the gym owner. Our Fitness Business Alignment System™ is a configurable operating system that any fitness business can use. What does this mean? We will give you the tools you need and the guidance (through expert coaching) to build a healthy business. Let’s talk about the example above. If you were having the same issue and you came to us… we would address that systemic issue with a systemic solution. 

We would start from the beginning and give you our ideal client tool, then you take that to your coach, who would help you design the right offer, next we would look at your marketing strategy. We have tools for defining a marketing budget, which dictates which marketing channels you’ll use. Then you work with your coach to make sure that you are using the right messaging for the right audience on the right channel.

We have systems for the 5 key areas of your business: marketing, sales, business strategy, operations, and finance. And each one of these systems is designed to work together. The best part is that they’ve worked with thousands of other fitness business owners. From the biggest facilities to the smallest personal training businesses. Our systems work.

Think of it like this. Your business is a puzzle that you’re trying to make into this beautiful picture. But every time you come across an issue you go to a different puzzle box, grab a piece or two and add it to your final picture. But none of those pieces were meant to fit together. You’re left with chaos, confusion, and self-doubt.

The Fitness Business Alignment System™ is a puzzle that is meant to fit together. All you need to do is put together the pieces. And we’ll even help you do that!

“But isn’t my fitness business going to look like all the others you’ve helped?”

Nope! Think of it like this. We’re going to give you all the systems you need to run your business and you’re going to be free to choose what those systems look like. We’re not going to tell you who your ideal client is or what your values should be. You make those decisions and use our systems.

This is the easiest way to build a healthy fitness business that fits your lifestyle. Does this sound like a reasonable way to build a fitness business that you love running?

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Nick Berry
Founder and CEO, Fitness Revolution
This One Mistake Is Keeping Gym Owners Stuck, Stagnant, and Struggling

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