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How to Build a Productive Team: Establish a Common Language

Establishing a common language is vital to any team. Between tone, meaning and intention—there are lots of ways that communication can get muddled. Learn why having a common language will help your team communicate more effectively and become...

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How to Create a Time Management System for Maximal Productivity

The 4-Step Time Management System  By Pamela MacElree, Success Coach I get it: We’re all busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day. Too many things pop up that need to get done.  You have to get certain day-to-day items done. However,...

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Close Every Sale by Tailoring Your Tactics

Do you have a one-size fits all approach to closing new clients? In this article, Nathan Miller discusses how DiSC profiles can help you tailor your sales tactics to close more sales (and get more clients!).

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How To Create Great Fitness Testimonials for Your Business

Testimonials are critical to generate new leads for your fitness business. But how do you get them to say what you want (and need) them to say?

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7 Fitness Marketing Mistakes That Are Costing You

The fitness marketing landscape has changed significantly over the past 5-10 years. This article covers 7 Fitness Marketing Mistakes that Fit Pros make and offers a solution to help you get on the right track and generate qualified leads for your...

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Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working (And How To Make It Better!)

“I don’t have enough clients…” It’s the #1 problem most trainers mention when I speak with them. (There are usually a few others below the surface!) So, how do you fix it? Getting clients means you need more leads, which means that you need...

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5 Challenges You’ll Face in the Fitness Business

Wouldn’t you rather learn from other’s mistakes rather than make them on your own? In this article we look at 5 Challenges you’ll face in the fitness business. For each challenge we’ll shed some light into the issue and...

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How Transformation Contests Can Change your Business

The Transformation Contest Guide (Part 1) How to create effective transformation contests that will set you up as the go-to fat loss expert in your area. Part 1:  How Transformation Contests Can Change Your Business Part 2: How To Set Up a...